Corporate workshops  

Provide employees with an introduction to


Mindful Thinking - Improve communication, awareness, creativity & cohesion

Mindful Nutrition - Improve health & attention, strengthen immune system

Mindful Fitness - Improve physical wellbeing, energy, stamina


 Discover ways to become more aware, focused, empathetic, empowered & effective in the workplace. 

Our programs are offered at the company or at an offsite location designated by the company, throughout the year at key times when people need to feel revived.

Programs focus on effectively integrating mindful fitness, nutrition and meditation practices into daily life for optimal wellbeing.


The Options


One hour  $500.00

An introduction to mindfulness as both a formal and informal practice in your life to promote growth and change. A forward to effective fitness in the workplace. A lead in to basic healthy nutrition and simple steps for achieving this in the workplace.


Two hours  $1000.00

Begin the process that will help you achieve your goals for bringing about positive change. Learn behavior modification techniques that can be customized to your own way of life for guaranteed results in fitness, nutrition and mindful living.


Three hours  $1,500.00

An in-depth look at mindful practices for fitness, nutrition and meditation to free yourself from old habits that are holding you back from optimal wellbeing.