Core Workshops  

Core Workshops are custom mobil events

1/2 day - 3 days

Core custom getaways provide the opportunity to learn about wellness through an introduction to fitness, nutrition and meditation

in a setting of your choice with your own private group.

 Our programs are customized to your group's needs - focusing on specific aspects of wellness. 


Core Workshops provide an introduction to  

Core Philosophy 

Connecting to your core physically, mentally and energetically for balance and optimal wellbeing.

Mindfulness & Meditation  

Learn formal & informal  techniques to incorporate a practice into your daily life. 

Core Connect Method Class 

A dynamic flow style of movement incorporating resistance stretching while

integrating an energetic connection for strength, flexibility and balance.


Learn effective, wholesome nutrition information for optimal energy, a strong immune system and overall health. 


 Discover ways to cultivate a more positive, balanced, healthy life.


3 Hour Workshop - 4+ people
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