Core Connect Method Class

A dynamic flow style of movement incorporating resistance stretching while

integrating an energetic connection for strength, flexibility and balance.

Core Yoga

A Vinyasa flow of White Lotus Yoga, with an emphasis on proper alignment, breath & connection to core for stability and resilience.

Resistance stretching & Strengthening

Learn how to lengthen and strengthen your muscles and gain true flexibility



 Learn both formal and informal techniques for beginning a meditation practice. Connect inward for balance, clarity and peace of mind.


 Private  & small group sessions 

Running. Alpine and X country skiing. Snowshoeing. Hiking. SUPing


Introduction to meditation and mindfulness -  Learn formal and informal practices to manage stress and promote a positive outlook

Introduction to Core philosophy - Find out how to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle through fitness, nutrition & meditation

Introduction to Nutrition - Learn about making healthy choices, the importance of fresh, organic & local foods, & simple recipes

Core Connect Method Class - Participate in a 60 minute class with introduction & explanation


Private Session
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Class - 4 person minimum
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Private - 12 Sessions
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Testimonials - 

See what our clients are saying about their sessions with Heidi

"Heidi is terrific and highly skilled.  She is deeply knowledgable and can tailor the right answer for each person.  In my case (55 year old active man), I worked with Heidi for three months before moving to South Carolina.  I lost ten pounds and gained a lot of strength and flexibility.  No equipment needed!  Heidi showed me how to stretch properly and use my body weight to exercise and build muscle.  Now that I am out of state, I want her to move here."  - George Lodge                                    

"I am a very active 60 year old who plays lots of sports. I had a hip replacement in January and was totally prepared physically for what lay ahead. As a result, my recovery has been very easy and quick. I am convinced that my operation was delayed months because of the resistance stretching we did during our workouts. Heidi is a very caring, optimistic, enthusiastic, capable, well trained, knowledgable and last but not least humorous person.  My husband and I feel that you would be lucky to have her working with you." - MH

"Heidi makes a work out so much fun.  If we are all going to work out, we want to have fun doing it and Heidi is the best at making things challenging but really fun.  I look forward to my workouts with her. Heidi is a very joyful person and is just wonderful to be around.  I think you will love working with her.  She is thoughtful, caring, kind, compassionate and really knows her business better than anyone I have ever met.  She is good at yoga, Pilates, stretching, Reiki……you name it and she has trained in it.  And her interest in overall wellness is unlike any I know." - Jodie Stevenson

"For the past two years I have worked with Heidi Winslow of Winslow Training as my private trainer twice a week.  I have never been more impressed with anyone I have met in the field of wellness, as I am with Heidi and her breadth of knowledge in fitness instruction.   Her list of credentials includes certification in many disciplines including Strength Training, TRX, Pilates, Reiki and Yoga fitness. She is particularly well suited to the field as she embodies wellness in her appearance, attitude, life style, diet and exercise. These professional achievements though impressive, are in my mind overshadowed by the person I got to know in the two years that I worked with her. Heidi is an intelligent, enthusiastic, ethical and focused individual who sets goals and does whatever work is necessary to attain those goals." -Diane Riva




The genius of Flexibility, Level I-III Immersion training

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training . White Lotus Foundation . Santa Barbara CA

YogaFit: Level I Certification

Polestar Pilates: Balanced Body Fitness Intensive

Personal Trainer Certification: Aerobic Pipeline International 

Burdenko Method Instructor: Level I-III

TRX: Certified Instructor

Jin Shin Jyutsu: 35 hours Mary Burmeister Foundation 

Certified Reiki practitioner: Level II

Aspen Sports Medicine Institute: Private Trainer/PT assistant